Being good at craft isn’t about doing – it’s about undoing

    IMG_20151115_111649Over the past week, I had made various crafting mistakes that needed rectifying. On my cross stitch, I worked a group of stitches one stitch to the left, which then needed unpicking. I botched up a repeat on my knitted lace shawl, and had to work down eight rows. I mixed up my right sides and wrong sides sewing French seams and had to rip out four seams of a shirt. Continue Reading

  • The resulting purchases from my little adventure.

    A True Fabric Shopping Experience

    This post was meant to go up last week when it was current and relative to the trends mentioned below. My site was hacked though and it took me a few…

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    Blog Yarnalong

    Yarnalong: Bakua & An Awkward Truth

    Knitting: Bakau by Asa Tricosa in Knitsch Sock Yarn My attempt to knit all of the things last week resulted, unsurprisingly, in RSI (or whatever they call it these days). I had to cut…

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    Blog Yarnalong

    Yarnalong: All of the Things

    Back after a bit of a hiatus. Knitting: Believe it or not, I am actually knitting the following more or less simultaneously. It’s not really working.…

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    Portland is so Portland – and I love it

    If you arrive in Portland by train – and you should, it’s a lovely way to travel – you will feel like you’ve stepped back in time. They haven’t updated the…

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    Yarnalong: Dave, Punic, Lighthouses

    The holiday (day late) edition! I’m currently in Seattle, WA with my dad, drinking beers and checking out a range of things in our geeky interests. There has, though still been…

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    The Friendliest Wool Shop in the World

    I’m fairly sure that I’ve found the friendliest wool shop in the world. And it is, of course, in Canada.  I’d been in Canada less than 24 hours when I visited…

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    Blog Yarnalong

    Yarnalong: Neighbour, Time, Everything

    Everything this week revolves around my upcoming trip to America. Three more sleeps! So excited! Knitting: Dave Socks in Sheepish Sock and Bakau in Knitsch Yarns Sock I finally picked my travel knitting projects: one…

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    Blog Patterns

    Mamie Clutch

    After giving my blog a whole new look, I decided it was time to give something else a makeover – the Mamie Clutch pattern. Mamie was my very first knitting pattern,…