FO: Hermione Everyday Socks

You know when you really want something to be finished, so you rush it and make mistakes and it ends up taking even longer? That’s the story of my second Hermione Every Sock. I had to redo the heel-flap because I hadn’t divided the stitches evenly across the two needles – but not before I’d redone the heel decreases three times because I couldn’t work out what was wrong. Then I had to redo the gusset. And the toe graft and several rows there.

All because I just wanted to be finished, so I could move onto the next pair of my August Sockathon. Maybe I shouldn’t do challenge knitting. Continue reading

The August Sockathon

Recently I’ve had to discard a couple of pairs of hand-knitted socks. A possum-merino blend pair has managed to both felt and develop holes (go figure) and the very first pair I made have worn thin all over (it was cheap Spotlight yarn, it’s done pretty well).

The loss of two pairs, combined with finally purchasing jeans, has revealed a significant shortage of socks. So I’ve challenged myself to an August Sockathon! How many pairs of socks can I knit in a month? It’s probably only a couple, but I’ve lined up five possibilities from my current stash (which is remarkably light on sock yarn). Continue reading

FOs: Bracken Beanies

I’ve always considered myself rather lucky to share hobbies with both of my parents. It’s nice to have something to talk to your parents about that’s not, well, just you and them.

In the case of my Mum, it’s knitting (and sewing and gardening, but that’s for another time). It’s only in the past couple of years, though, that we’ve started to do knitalongs (KAL). Our most recent KAL: Bracken Beanie! Continue reading

FO: Threipmuir

I love a finished object – even more so when it has as many stories connected to it as my Threipmuir!

I fell in love with this pattern the instant I saw it and decided I would purchase the yarn at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (EYF). But the marketplace at EYF is really busy and bustling, not the ideal place to try and work out colour combinations. Continue reading