{topfivetips} Crafting Gifts

This is the first Christmas in a very long time I won’t be making any of my Christmas presents (due to the business of the move to Melbourne) and it makes me a little sad. If you’re making your own Christmas presents this year, here’s my top five tips for crafting Christmas gifts.

1) Give yourself plenty of time. To test if a present is finishable, time yourself doing a test patch – five or so rows – and multiply the time by the remaining rows. This will give you the bare minimum for time remaining.

2) Ensure the receiver is Yarnworthy? It may sound a bit harsh, but some people don’t appreciate the effort that goes into a home-made present and would be much happier with a store-bought gift.

3)  A tag with care instructions is always a good idea. Be sure to include washing and drying guides, such as ‘Hand wash only, dry in shade’.

4) Choose patterns and yarn you will enjoy making – you don’t want the dear family member or friend reminding you of a hated project.

5) Choose ‘appropriate yarns’. Some people don’t have the time (or inclination) to hand wash items – stick to machine wash yarn for these people.

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