Summer Knittin’, Having’ Some Fun

Growing up and living New Zealand, I’ve never really experienced weather that was really too hot for so long that I had to give up knitting snuggly warm yarns like wool, alpaca, and possum. But summers in Melbourne can include several days above 40C, so it’s desirable to have something light to wear and to knit.

With the weather today giving us a touch of the summer to come, I got to thinking about what I’d like to knit for my summer wardrobe. Here’s a taster:

Riverine Pullover – Andi Satterlund

Pom Pom magazine is my new favourite knitting publication, on and off the net. It’s super-stylish and there’s so much care put into each magazine, with every detail thoroughly thought-out.
The Riverine Pullover is a snazzy little number, that I intend to make in a cotton or bamboo blend, to keep it cool, while keeping its shape.

Candelia – Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Melbourne’s smoking hot summers means a girl needs more than one cardi, or she’ll be forever doing the washing.
Candelia been on my to-do list for quite a while and it’s time to do something about it! Knit from the top down with plenty of drape, I think this cardi could happily be made in pure cotton or bamboo.

Phannie – Phoebe Ganghan 

Every summer outfit needs a slouchy hat, particularly if (like me), you get burnt on your hair parting easily. Also good for those beach road trips when you’re hair looks less than ideal!
I’ve made Phannie a couple of times, but never for myself. It’s an easy crochet, with stitches that wrap around the previous round’s posts for a highlight effect.

Large Grey/Neon Yellow Chevron Tote – kptk2011

Summer trips to the beach, barbecues or beer festivals necessitate the carrying of, well, stuff. Sunblock, glasses, wallet, keys, and – as I discovered in my last Melbourne summer – a bottle of water at all times.
This isn’t a pattern – it’s someone’s project from Ravelry with brief notes to help a crocheter out. Sounds like a challenge!

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