Eden Cloakroom Installation

One day whilst working at the wool shop, a designer rang up to ask if we knew anyone who did yarn bombing installations. I naturally offered my skills, letting knowing what I was getting myself into.

The designers was Rachael Lovelace of Lovelace & Co., who’d been commissioned to re-do the Eden Cloakroom in Auckland. As part of the design, she wanted to install yarn graffiti in the courtyard at the front which opens out onto the street. Rachael and I worked together on how the design would look, what was possible to create with yarn, and what would stand the test of time best. The end result was creeping vine flower ‘pod’ lights – crochet covers stretched over metal frames to create lampshades, as well as over the connecting wires. Three of the lights were large – nearly a metre in diameter – while four were smaller, closer to 30cm across. The ‘vines’ were crocheted tubes and the various branches totalled more than 15m in length.

Further details of Rachael’s work (and photos of the installation) can be found on the Eden Cloakroom page of her website.

Commission Details
Yarn Used Moda Vera Marvel (100% acrylic)
Quantity of Yarn 30 100g balls
Time Frame Approx 90 hours carried out over six weeks

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