Embossed Leaves Blanket

When I moved to Melbourne, two good friends of mine, Fi & Mike, put me up at their place until I found a job and could fend for myself as far as rent and utilities were concerned. On my first day, we went out to regional Victoria where Mike spotted a blanket he really liked in a raffle. Despite the purchase of a number of raffle tickets, he didn’t win it and asked me if he could commission a similar one. I said of course I would, having no intentions of ever letting him pay for it, just as he had no intention of taking my rent.*

Fortunately, through the magic of Ravelry, I was able to find the exact pattern – Paton’s Pram Cover With Embossed Leaves. Mike is obviously not the first person enamoured with this design – since it was first published in the 1940s, Paton have included the prom cover in at least four publications. I’ve spotted it more than once whilst out. The popularity isn’t hard to comprehend. It’s simple to knit, but looks complicated and it immensely attractive.

After a few samples and some input from wife Fi, we decided an 8 ply blanket would be the right weight for the budget available and Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 Ply provided the perfect blanket yarn – soft, washable, and not too pricey.

*Technically, I know this isn’t a commission, but I went through the commission process, so it’ll be posted here none the less.

Commission Details
Yarn Used Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8 Ply
Quantity of Yarn 30 x 50 gram balls = 2880 m
Time Frame Four Months (part time)

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