The Colour Affection Series: Kate

I’m starting a new project to look into colours and how knitters (and other crafters) select the colours they work with.

I’m not an intuitive ‘colour’ person. I love shape and form, composition and layouts, but I’m often at a complete loss as to what colours to use. I wanted to learn more about how other crafters choose their colours – and thus the Colour Affection Project was born.

Colour Affection is a shawl pattern by Veera Välimäki, that is blessedly simple to knit and a perfect pattern to play with colour. The combination has made it extremely popular, with more than 10,000 Colour Affections posted on Ravelry. The array of colours that have been used is simply amazing (and sometimes a little scary) and it seemed like an idea way to get knitters talking about why they choose certain colours.

My own Colour Affection (and the decision that led to its hues) is up first and I’ll be eagerly stalking out other models and their shawls to expand the series!

What yarn and colour ways did you use?

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light – Silver Fox, Dried Rose, and Composition Book Gray (which is actually more purple)

How did you choose your colours?

I bought my yarn at this year’s Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. Confronted by the delicious variety of Madelinetosh, I painfully narrowed it down to five colours and then my lovely friend Jennifer picked the final three.

Are they in your usual colour palate? If not, why?

Not really – usually for myself I knit in blues and reds. On this particular day though I was in a pink and purple mood, and bought a skein of sock yarn in similar pinks and a beautiful undyed grey.

How do you usually choose the colours you knit with?

I’m not sure – thus the point of this Colour Affection Series, to learn more about how people select colours!

What advice do you have for those thinking of knitting a Colour Affection?

Blocking is your friend. When I first finished my Colour Affection, I thought I’d done something seriously wrong. But after a good blocking, it was more than large enough and beautifully springy.

Thanks to Sharon for the photos! (I’m not sure what she said to get a laugh in this photo)


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