The Colour Affection Series: Sharon


We’re onto Number Two in the Colour Affection Project – another Richmond Knitter Sharon –and there’s already a common thread starting – the lovely Jen helped in both colour selections! Unlike mine though, Sharon choose her yarn from her existing stash – and achieved a delightful result.

Which yarn and colour ways did you use? 

I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock that Rock Light in KMBFLA and Rosebud, and Collintette Jitterbug in new Storm

How did you choose your colours?

I chose these colours from my stash. I bought them as sock yarn, but the KMBFLA I had had since 2009, because it was too light in colour to use for socks. I was going to use a darker grey for the border, but I took it to knit night and everyone agreed that it was too dark. I had happened to buy a stool that evening, which I couldn’t work out how to get home on the bike, so Jen drove it home and we unpacked my extensive sock yarn stash and she helped me choose.

Are they in your usual colour palate? If not, why?

Yes, totally. I bought them because I thought they were pretty, and didn’t really now what I was going to use them for.

How do you usually choose the colours you knit with?

For me, it’s by what’s pretty, or what appeals to me, or what gaps there might be in my wardrobe. I knit a lot for [my husband] Leon, and that’s boring boy colours, all the way.

What advice do you have for those thinking of knitting a Colour Affection? 

Knit one, they are super fun. Also, I know a lot of people talk about putting yarn overs in to make the edge less tight. DON’T DO THAT. The edge is meant to be firm, that gives it the distinctive crescent shape and allows the amazing curls on the ends.

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