Adult Booties

This story starts with a pair of baby booties (you’d be surprised how many of them do). The booties in question were sitting on my desk at Bride & Groom magazine, when Danielle the designer walked up and declared she had to have a pair.

‘Um, sweetie?’ I said. ‘You don’t have a baby’.

‘No, not a baby pair. A pair for me.’


Danielle has the same size feet as myself: a generous ladies ten. Scaling up a pair of babies booties was going to be a challenge, but knowing they would be appreciated, I took up the challenge. I found a pattern on Rav that seemed like adult booties and got to work with some greeny-blue Shepherd 100% Lambswool Felted 12 Ply.

The result was terrible, through no fault of the pattern. One bootie was slightly longer than the other and I had completely cocked up the toe in a different manner on each foot. I’m not even sure why I persevered and made the second one. I took them to work the following day as a joke so that everyone could have a good laugh.

Danielle adored them. She gasped at the sight of them, immediately removing her shoes to try them on and proudly showing them off to the office. Not everyone was so complimentary – one saleslady labelled them passion-killers, designed to turn off the most ardent of lovers. Danielle didn’t care; she loved them and they became the most beloved of all the things I have knitted. To my embarrassment, she insisted on paying for them. To her boyfriend’s embarrassment, they developed their own personality and would creep up onto the couch to try and snuggle up to him – only to be promptly ordered to the ground again. When the same boyfriend had a movie shown at the Cannes Film Festival, the booties accompanied Danielle to France, where they were proudly bought out in flight.

Sadly, a few holes developed before Danielle moved to Berlin (as will happen when you wear them every day) and they didn’t make the selection for the move. Whilst in Berlin, Danielle did consider listing on Craigslist to find another knitter to construct a similar pair, but the boyfriend threatened to disconnect her computer, afraid of what new horror would be delivered off the needles.

Not long ago, Danielle and her boyfriend moved again, this time to my current home town of Melbourne. I decided a new pair of slippers would be the perfect welcoming gift – even with Melbourne’s notoriously hot summers. I’m glad to say this pair is a lot more attractive than the last – and they were still greeted in an exuberant fashion! When presented with one slipper, which hadn’t even had the ends woven in, Danielle was so excited she nearly hyperventilated – and secured a place forever on my ‘people I love to knit for’ list.

Dan's Slippers2

Notes: the pattern for the (much more attractive) booties is cocoknit’s Malibrigo Loafers, while the yarn is the incredibly well-priced Bendigo 10 ply luxury. These photos were taken a couple of months after being gifted, thus the slight pilling. Project ravelled here.

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