I love Calico

A few weekends ago, I volunteered to make some cushions for my flatmate Tiff’s new bar. She had chosen some lovely hessian with bright prints, that were fun and colourful, but still simple, clean décor of the bar. Also the texture was reminiscent of malt sacks, create for a cult beer bar.

Having an open weave as it does, the hessian required some lining – enter several meters of calico. I’m not sure how I completely forgotten that how much I love calico. It wasn’t until I lifted the creamy fabric out of the shopping bag that I remembered. It’s just so versatile. I’ve used it for so many different projects, it’s a like a trip down memory lawn. Ironing it released it’s unique smell and brought back memories of Form 2 sewing class and potato prints. Slicing it up with big heavy sewing scissors recalled memories of the first doll I’d sewn with it. Creating a line of cream stitches along the edges brought sensible dress mock ups.

I love calico.

Hessian….not so much.

I’ve never worked with hessian before and at first, I was rather besotted with it. It does have a lovely feel and look to it. It behaves well, staying put when ironed. The finished product looked pretty good, even with my last minute, slightly crooked seaming. Then I realised my entire flat was covered with a thin layer of hessian dust. The sewing machine, the chairs, the table and floor. A good dust and a sweep later – it’s still there. Couple of weeks later – it’s still hanging around.

But the cushions are totally worth it.

Two Row Cushions2

Check them out at Two Row Bar, 351 Smith St – it’s knitter friendly! 

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