Hipster Hats

Always wanted a RCS Hispter Hat, but never got around to knitting one? (Or  learning to knit…?)

The solution is here!

I’ve made a limited edition run of Hipster Hats.

The Hipster Hat is Australian-made from sheep to head. 

The yarn is from Merino sheep in the NSW Highlands, which is then spun and dyed at Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria. Once finished, the yarn travels down to Melbourne, where it is hand knit into thick, warm hats (admittedly by a Kiwi, but it’s still in Australia).

By purchasing Australian-made, you’re reducing the miles your product has travelled and supporting local industry, as well as making yourself look exceptionally stylish!

With a stretchy hat band, this hat will fit nearly anyone, expanding to accommodate larger noggins and hugging close to smaller melons. Available in Stone (white), Forest (green), Demin (blue), and Ruby (red). You can order your hat right here on the RCS website through PayPal. If you’d rather not use PayPal, send me an email at kateljordan@gmail.com. 

Order your hat now!

Select your delivery option
Pick Up $45.00 AUDAustralian Delivery $52.00 AUDNZ Delivery $57.00 AUD
Select your colour

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