Pet Hates

Today I am so full of hate. Not the productive, let’s change the world hate. The niggle-naggle, peevish pet hates. Such as:

Pet Hate 1: Injury Enforced Knitting Breaks

I’ve been off knitting for four days with a bit of a neck-shoulder-back injury thing (if you’re a knitter, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re not a knitter, you’ll never understand). The first few days off are never that bad, if you remember to tuck all of the project bags away out of sight. There’s always browsing Rav and catching up on the knitting blogs to be done.

Then the itch sets in. The project bags that were so sensibly tucked away start to softly call your name and whisper of lost time. Knitting friends start to move onto to other projects and you feel the world is leaving you behind. KALs begin and continue without you. And you think, oh a couple of rows won’t hurt. You pick up the needles and the first few stitches are bliss. The whole world just feels right. Then there’s a bit of a twinge. A twinge that suggests you put down the needles. But you haven’t even finished a row….as you persevere to the end, the twinge grows to a pang and by the end of the row, you’re forced to admit defeat.

Pet Hate 2: Phantom Clothes

They say that people who’ve had a limb amputated often have problems with phantom limbs. They think the leg or arm is still there. They believe it so strongly that sometimes it itches – and there’s no possible why to scratch it.

I have a problem that is almost, but not quite entirely the same. I have phantom clothes. These are not clothes that I have lost and not realised. In many cases, these are clothes that have never existed. I’ve thought about making them. Decided on yarn or fabric. Maybe even purchased supplies. But I haven’t actually made them. Nevertheless, they still somehow end up in my mental wardrobe. Not in a one-day-I’ll-wear-that daydream way. In a planning what to wear tomorrow way.

For example, tonight I was hanging out my washing and deciding what to wear tomorrow. It’s casual Friday, so I’ll wear jeans and that cute top I made from the lovely Japanese lawn and the pattern from Pom Pom Quarterly, maybe with my grey cardigan and definitely my boots – but wait-a-minute – I haven’t made that top. I have the Japanese lawn and the pattern, but I haven’t actually made it.

And this happens all.the.time.

Pet Hate 3: Pompoms 

Oh, it feels so good to say it. I really and truly hate pompoms. I think they’re a dreadful waste of yarn and create such a ridiculous mess. I am happy to say though, that this is a self-contained hatred. I can still admire and be friends with people who like and even love pompoms. Kate Davies adorned her Snawheid with one. My favourite knitting mag is named after them. Many a dear friend has suggested I finish off a hat with a pompom. The hatred of pompoms does not taint any of these good things. It’s not homoeopathy, homophobia, or homophone misuse – I can still rationally interact with those people who find beauty in them.

I’m just not using any of my stash to make any of those monstrosities.  

Now, that feels a bit better. What are your pet hates?

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