Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? If you’ve popped onto this blog in the past few weeks and been greeted with a 500 error, a 301 error, no photos, or just general calamity, I apologise. There were various mistakes and bumbles, but it should all be fixed now – so be ready for an influx of posts that have been sitting around in my brain!

First of all, some tips on how not to break a website:

  • Don’t attempt to migrate between hosting yourself. Get an expert to do it.
  • Should you be foolhardy enough to migrate your website, write down the nameservers before you change them so you can put them back if needed.
  • Be really, really certain you’re working on the right website before you overwrite the con-fig file. Like, really, really, really certain.
  • Back up your website regularly.
  • If stuck with a problem, Google it. I guarantee you’re not special enough to break your website in a completely unique manner. Someone else will have a similar problem.

And now – to get writing on more interesting matters!

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