Terminator – Knitter Style

The chilly weather has bought out everyone’s woollen goodies. The trams and trains are packed with people sporting all manner of knitted accessories. As a knitter, it’s quite distracting, because as soon as I spot something knitted, my brain starts analysing it. I wonder if it’s handmade, what it’s made from, how it was constructed. There are little tells of machine knitting, such as flat cables, and it’s a way to pass the time trying to spot them.


In my more fanciful moments, I imagine I’m the Knitting Terminator. With an in-built catalogue of stitches and fibres (and perhaps all of Ravelry), I could quickly access each knitted item, discarding those not worthy of interest and analysing those that were.


Okay, maybe not. But I do know where the above cowl is from: Cotton On. I see it everywhere. All last winter and this. I finally found out where it was from and was disappointed. Despite their name, Cotton On make the majority of their clothes from viscose, a fibre I’m not entirely comfortable with due to the chemicals discarded from its processing. It annoyed me that such a lovely pattern had been created in viscose and I itched to knit in something more luxurious.

But on second thoughts, if one item irritated me this much, perhaps it’s for the best I’m not the Knitting Terminator – they say a little knowledge is dangerous!

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