The Colour Affection Series: Sonia

Number Three in the Colour Affection Series: Sonia, the instigator, organiser, and general fearless leader of the Richmond Knitters. Sonia is well-known for her mountain of large stash of yarn and her generosity with it when we undertake a blanket or present for a forthcoming baby or departure. With such a selection to choose from and a graphic designer’s eye for colour, it will be interesting to see why Sonia choose her colours of a subtle mix of greys and blues.

Which yarn and colour ways did you use?

I used Little Dipper Yarns Bootes BFL sock, in colours: Nxy, Out of the Blue and Slate. These were purchased on impulse (along with some other colour ways) from Ursula at the Handknitters Guild annual market in Coburg earlier this year.

How did you choose your colours?

I chose my colours from my stash of Little Dipper yarns, to participate in the Little Dipper KAL. I felt these three worked together nicely, and whilst they are close in tone I was happy to have subtle stripes for my first Colour Affection. Yes, there are already plans for a second.

Are they in your usual colour palate? If not, why?

I don’t think the colours (grey and blues) are a departure from what I normally knit for myself, although it’s the first blue thing I’ve knit in a while. Since then I’ve cast on The Honey Cowl in blue too.

How do you usually choose the colours you knit with?

Oh it’s not a choice! Yarns tend to gravitate towards me, if it gets close enough, it comes home with me to sit on my yarn shelf. From there it waits for its turn. I use bright colours for babies, kids, socks and accessories. Whereas I’ll use more subtle colours for garments, work clothes and my husband. Normally I’ll pick a project before I pick the yarn, then I’ll spend some time thinking about how I want the end project to look and with any luck, something for the project can be found in my stash. Sometimes (would you believe), I actually need to purchase for a project.

What advice do you have for those thinking of knitting a Colour Affection? 

My advice would be to check out all the projects on Ravelry to help you make good decisions about what you want your Colour Affection to be. I followed the pattern as written, so I have the arched edge, which I like. But for my next one, I think I’ll follow the advice of many and do the edge stitches differently so that I’ll get a much longer reaching scarf. It’s a preference. I think also seeing everyone else’s colour combos will inspire you. I really enjoyed knitting my Colour Affection, it was a really fun knit and I wouldn’t hesitate to knit it again (which I never do).

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