Heff Cardigan

Ever finished a knitting project and wanted to knit the pattern again straight away? Nope, me neither – until now.

The Baby Sophisticate cardigan is so quick, easy, and adorable that as soon as I’d cast off, I wanted to knit another one. I had to Instagram it right away, without blocking, sewing in the ends, or attaching the buttons. It’s that damn cute.


The pattern – by Linden Down – is exceptionally well-written and the construction is super easy, knit top down for the body and sleeves, with the collar worked in short rows. I very rarely gush about a pattern, but this one is just gush-worthy.

Speaking of weaving in ends – as proposed after the mess I’d made of the ends on Chatty Cardigan, I really wanted to do a much better job on the Heff Cardigan. I read through (okay, looked at the pictures) Ysolda’s Technique Thursday weaving in ends post. I split the yarn as recommended, but took it under the entire stitch – it didn’t seem to make a bump on the other side. Perhaps I leave mine a little looser. Most of the yarns I knit with will felt ever-so-slightly, so I’m okay with a bit of looseness. The result is visible, but not by much:


Because this cardigan obviously wasn’t cute enough, I added the cutest buttons I could find: lion buttons from Morris and Sons.


And why did I call this the Heff Cardigan? Because it reminds me of Hugh Heffner’s smoking jackets!

Ravelled here.

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