Yarnalong: Lighthouses, Diamonds, & Cowls

Weekend before last, I found myself in a secondhand book store. This isn’t an unusual occurrence – show me a town and I’ll show you a secondhand book store. I love them. They’re so full of hope and promise. You never know what you’ll find and who you’ll become by reading the books.

Except…I hardly ever read the books I buy.

It’s terrible. They just come home and sit next to my bed, looking downcast and asking, why haven’t you read me yet? Or worse, they go on a shelf and I don’t even notice them.

So I’m going to use the Yarnalong in an effort to actually read these books. (Also, inspired by Sharon, I’m going to give audio books a go).


Reading: Romance of Australian Lighthouses by Valmai Phillips

I have an odd obsession with lighthouses at the moment. I’m only up to the second chapter of Romance. It can jump around in the chronology a little bit, which feels a little like being tugged and washed about in a choppy sea, so I guess that’s appropriate.

This book was purchased from City Basement Books. If you’re in Melbourne, you need to check this treasure trove out – masses of titles and lower than normal city prices.

Listening: Guns, Germs, & Steel by Jared Diamond

Having had a friend devote a honours essay to the problems with this book, I’m not really that keen to read it. But then, it’s such a well-known history, I feel I should. An audio book feels like a good compromise.

It has the usual problems of a popular global history – it overgeneralises and oversimplifies.

Knitting: Avery Cowl

Just casting off!

For more Yarnalong inspiration, visit the original.

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