Waikato Rugby Jumper

For a long time, I’ve wanted to knit my friends’ son a rugby jumper. They’re a sports-mad family and the cricket vest I made him a couple of years ago has seen many outings (as evidenced by photos on Twitter. Again people, if you want your friend to keep knitting for you, keep posting those happy pics). A rugby jumper seemed the next step.

There was a wee hiccup – Rav didn’t have a rugby jersey pattern. Or at least, not quite what I had in mind. I wanted a vintage Kiwi rugby jersey that looked like Colin Mead would wear. It would look like it gained a couple of kilos when it rained,* but that was fine, strapping rugby lads could carry it. And above all else, the collar had to be perfect.


I worried and fretted over it, but in the end, the collar was the easiest part. I did it in one go and I’m pretty happy with how it turn out.


The hard part was designing a jumper for a child who’s measurements I wasn’t sure about. It’s very difficult to find an accurate children’s sizing chart. While I had wanted the jumper to be a surprise, I ended up having to ask for Ed’s measurements, just to be on the safe side. With the input of the ladies at Richmond Knitters, who know a great deal more about child than I, I managed to create a jumper that fit.


I’d love to write this pattern up, but with very little knowledge of children’s sizes, I feel I wouldn’t be able to offer accurate sizing. Which is a pity, because I’m sure there’s many Kiwi nanas and mums who’d like to make. Perhaps it’s time to develop my skills a bit more….

* I’m not exaggerating. When I was about thirteen, some of the boys weighed themselves before and after a very wet muddy game. They gained at least 2 kgs.

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