Yarnalong: Lighthouses, Genghis Khan, and Ursula

Reading: Romance of Australian Lighthouses by Valmai Phillips

I’m about halfway through Romance and, while it’s still interesting, I have definitely identified just what’s wrong with it: a lack of structure and an assumption the reader has good knowledge of the Australian coast. The later amplifies the former – if you don’t have any knowledge of the coast, the abrupt jump to the next lighthouse is disorientating.

Listening: The Wrath of Khans series from Dan Carlin’s ‘Hardcore History’ podcast 

I tried to finish Guns, Germs, and Steel, I really did, but in the end I gave up because I just wasn’t interested. Macro history isn’t really my jam and I don’t believe Diamond does a particularly good job of it.

I’ve turned to Dan Carlin, who makes history exciting instead. Carlin’s fairly famous for his ‘Hardcore History’ podcast series and with good reason. He has an excellent style, which borders on being overly-dramatic, but really just conveys his massive passion for military history. He’s incredibly well-read and doesn’t shy away from the more terrible aspects of war. I’m working my way through the Wrath of Khans series.

Knitting: Ursula Cardigan

I’ve just cast on the Ursula cardigan by Kate Davies. Luckily, I’m knitting this as a KAL with Sharon, because otherwise I would’ve given up by now.

Challenges include:

  • every second size in the pattern has a different gauge
  • it’s a very exacting fit with nil ease
  • I very rarely get the same gauge as Kate Davies
  • I didn’t buy enough yarn, so I can’t do another swatch and will just have to hope my calculations are correct
  • I’m doing a KAL with a person so much smaller than myself, I’ll be knitting a third more stitches. But at least I’ll have company, right?

For more Yarnalong inspiration, visit the original.

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