Crafting Battlegrounds

When I added my last post on Google+, the strangest thing happened – someone disagreed with me! It was great. In my own circle of real life crafters, there’s regular disagreements over how to do things, what tools to use, which yarn is the best. But it very rarely happens on the internet.

It got me thinking about crafters’ most regular debates. You know the ones I mean – like toe up or top down or knitting in a round or flat – ones that aren’t life or death, but we like to argue about them anyway. Some we feel strongly about (I will not use wooden needles) – while others we sit on the fence (I knit both British and Continental).

With that in mind – I’ve created a small survey to see where the Crafting Battlegrounds lie – and which side we’re most likely to support!


I’ll leave the survey open for a week and posted the results next Tuesday. (If you feel I’ve left out a debate, pop it in the comments below).

2 thoughts on “Crafting Battlegrounds

  1. Sonia says:

    Oh what fun!

    Natural fibres vs blends/acrylics
    Superwash vs Non-superwash
    cables vs lace
    cardigan vs jumpers
    hardcopy patterns vs softcopy patterns
    Steven West vs Steven East

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