Yarnalong: Postcards, TAL, & Ursula

Before you get started here, please head over to the Crafting Battlegrounds post and place your vote – at the moment the metal needle-using, polygamous bi-crafters are winning!

Reading: Postcards from the 20th Century edited by Joyce Harrison and Mavis Boyd

I finished Blue Lighting last night and am still – well, I can’t say at the risk of ruining the end for anyone who wants to read it. I’m both very keen to and yet dreading reading the next book in the series. So I won’t.

I’ve just picked up Postcards from the 20th Century from the book shelf. It’s from my all-time favourite second hand book shop in Wellington: Pegasus Books. Seriously, if you’re in Wellington, head to Cuba Mall, dodge the charity collectors, buskers, and bums and slip into the Left Bank – you won’t regret it.

Postcards is nostalgia history, so I’ll either end up throwing it against the wall or being completely enthralled by it.

Listening: This American Life

This American Life is still on in the car. I recommend the episode Bad Baby – the first act had me tearing up on the motorway, and the second and third had me laughing so much it was hard to drive.

Knitting: Ursula

I haven’t made much progress at all. Last week I hurt my neck and was very social, and thus didn’t knit much.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

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