Failing at #memademay is okay – good even

My challenge for #memademay was to wear something I had knitted and something I’d sewn every day for the month. By the eighth, I had failed – and that’s okay. A good thing even.

For me, Me Made May is a chance to assess my home made wardrobe and perception of it. I had thought I possessed enough home sewn garments to get me through. But on the eighth, the only clean home-sewn item I had was a dress and, as I intended to spend the day out and about photographing lighthouses, it wasn’t practical. Nor the next day, when I went for a hike.

So I ‘failed’ – which is really just another way of saying ‘I collected useful data’. This data included:

  • I don’t own as many home sewn garments as I thought.
  • This number was further reduced by finally discarding a dress I’d made and finally decided I didn’t like.
  • The home-sewn garments I do have don’t really suit my lifestyle
  • The colours and patterns of my home sewn wardrobe don’t really suit my home knitted garments.

I now have the data I need to improve my wardrobe.

The other half of my data (the knitted items) presented much more successful results. It’s almost natural for me to put on at least one knitted item, if not two. Even on the challenging days I found challenging for sewn garments, I was wearing a hand-knitted cardigan and cowl on each day, because they suited my clothing needs for the day.

Some of my successes included:

Avery Cowl and >

Avery Cowl and Clemence skirt from Love at First Stitch

Agatha Cardigan and >

Agatha Cardigan, a top from a pattern I’ve lent to a friend and can’t remember the name of, and handknitted socks

Everyday Cardigan and Vogue XXXX dress

Everyday Cardigan and Vogue 8723 dress

This knitting data compares well to last year’s Me Made May, when I relied on my daily shawl to keep up with my pledge. And that’s the beauty of Me Made May – it’s almost like a controlled experiment. By doing it in the some month, this yearly wardrobe check up allows us to check our progress, acknowledge our victories, and set targets for the coming year.

Are you doing #memademay?  What challenge did you set? How does your home made wardrobe compare to last year?

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