Yarnalong: Knit.fm, A History of Britain, and Ursula

Right, let’s get back on the Yarnalong train.

Reading: Nothing

After getting most of the way through Postcards from the 20th Century, I gave up. The memories are in a thematic order, with very little reference to which of the six authors are responsible for each story – except their name. Being absolutely fecking useless with names, I got frustrated as I had to ‘get to know’ the author with each new short story.

Then I started to ask myself why I was reading this and how often I read something because I feel like I should. And it’s a lot. So now I’m trying to think of something I would like to read, rather than should read.

Listening: Knit.fm and A History of Britain by Simon Schama

Knit.fm is a short series of podcasts by Knitbot’s Hannah Fetig and Quince and Co’s Pam Allen* that go back to the basics and explain pretty much everything you need to know about knitting. I thought it would be mind-numbingly boring; it’s not, it’s incredibly useful and makes me pay much more attention to my knitting, why I do knitterly things the way I do, and how I could do them differently.

I’ve been meaning to read A History of Britain for years; listening to it seems a wonderful alternative. I’m learning a lot – mainly that I know very little about British history!

Knitting: Ursula

I’ve finished the fair isle body! Hallelujah! I’m currently a quarter of the way through steeking. One armhole down, another to go, and the front.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

* It wasn’t until I was writing this that I wondered – this isn’t the same Pam Allen who writes poetry is it? It can’t be, that Pam Allen wrote poetry in the 1970s, so she’d be quite old by now.

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