An Ode to Missing Knits

Is there anything more heartbreaking than spending hours, days, or weeks on a knitted garment and then…losing it? Whether through misplacement, theft, or destruction, the loss of a beloved handmade garment is always tough.

Over the years, I’ve lost my fair share of knitted garments.

Item: Mariposa Mitts

Ooooo Pretty

Fate: Unknown

Story: Ever had a yarn and pattern match up perfectly? And then had the perfect buttons to finish off the project in your collection? And then be delighted with the absolute perfect result? And then freaking lost it?

That’s what happened to these babies. I somehow lost them in the move to Australia. If I’m lucky, they’re in a box in my Dad’s basement.

Will I make them again? I have the yarn. I have the pattern. But not those perfect buttons….

Item: Clapotis Scarf


Fate: Left in a Wellington cafe

The Story: This is a bit of a sad one. My then-boyfriend had bought me the yarn as a Christmas present. He’d taken me to a yarn shop and told me to buy yarn, which was sweet of him. I used it to make Clapotis and then a few weeks later, I lost it on a trip to Wellington. I was distraught; it already felt like we were on the rocks and I imagined that my lost scarf would become Desdemona’s handkerchief. I may have being overdramatic.

Will I make it again?  I did make a Clapotis for my sister (in red), but I don’t think I could make one for myself again.

Item: Josephine Wristwarmers


Fate: Shrunk in the wash

Story: I knit up the Josephine wristwarmers as a test pattern for the wool shop I was working at. I hadn’t quite got gauge and they were always a little tight. Then I put them through the wash and the were so tight, they limited the passage of blood to my fingers. They were still gorgeous though and were gifted to a friend I knew would wear them.

Will I make it again? I just did!

Item: Indian Summer Hat

Fate: Lost (twice)

Story: I’ve twice made and lost this hat. It’s truly ridiculous. The first time was in a glorious dusky purple with beautiful buttons with flowers on it. The second was the demin blue . Each time I’ve lost them, it’s been a complete mystery – I’m fairly sure it’s just slid straight off my head without me noticing.

Will I make it again? I’ve made this pattern three or four times now, but I still want to make it again, because it’s the perfect summer hat for stopping my part getting sunburnt and for hiding the fact I have not done my hair.

Is it better to have loved and lost?

Each of these items, I truly loved. But if that was so, how did I lose them? Because I loved wearing them, they left the house, and thus the opportunity to lose them arose. Better to have loved, (worn), and lost, that never to have loved (worn) at all.

What about you? Have you lost a much-loved knitted item? Would you reknit it?

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Missing Knits

    • Kate Jordan says:

      Oh no! It’s always worse when it’s one of the first things you’ve knitted, because they’re so special.

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