Yarnalong: Herringbone, Phoenix, Time, Lifeboats

yarnalong-20150729140 characters is not enough! I feel I already knew this – after all, I am frequently annoyed that a Tweet does not (or cannot) contain all that the author needs (or wants) to say. So, away with the 140 characters rule! That didn’t last long, did it?

Knitting: Herringbone Mitts in Naturally Waikiwi

Last Wednesday I went through my UFOs and discovered these mitts. The following night, a friend appeared on Twitter, upset because she thought she’d lost the mitts I had made her, and asking if anyone had seen them. While she eventually found them, I decided she needed a back up pair and finished these for her.

Phoenix in Cleckheaton Merino Bambino

Carrying on with emptying out the UFO pile, I’ve picked up my Phoenix shawl which I started in November 2012. I’ve been working on this for so long the yarn’s been discontinued. Think it’s about time this puppy was finished.

Listening: In Our Time by Melvyn Bragg and BBC Radio Four

This week included shows on: Beowulf, Gerald of Wales, The Druids, Hadrian’s Wall, and the South Sea Bubble. I’m feeling particularly educated.

I would heartily recommend the South Sea Bubble episode, not only because it’s interesting, but because it’s three women discussing economic history – how often does that happen?

Reading: Lifeboats For Victoria: The Story Of Lifeboats And Their Crews In Victoria 1856 -979 by Marten A. Syme

An interesting topic, but not very well-written. The first chapter feels like the author moved the paragraphs about without fixing up when people where introduced and then mentioned.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

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