There’s always another knitting mountain


The best thing about knitting and crocheting is that there’s always another mountain to conquer. Think you know everything there is to know about lace knitting? Try colourwork. Bored with all the normal crochet stitches? Try Tunisian.

Ursula didn’t appear to be a crazy new mountain – after all, my friend Sharon managed to finish hers in next to no time without any great difficulties. Broken down into it’s component parts – colourwork, shaping, steeking, picking up stitches – there’s no very difficult skills required, but now that it’s finished, I feel I’ve climbed another mountain.

(Or, at least, I’ve created a garment that could climb a mountain because this thing it warm.)

I’m unashamedly proud of so many things about this cardigan: that I kept at it for four months first and foremost. That I realised the armpit-to-shoulder section was far too long and then I took the absolutely terrifying step of ripping back the sections I’d already steeked. That I choose the gauge that fitted the yarn, rather than what the pattern specified, best. That I ripped back one of the sleeves from the elbow to ensure a better fit.

I’m quite grateful I have a sense of accomplishment from this cardigan, because I don’t really like the fit. It’s very boxy, a little I-stole-it-from-my-grandpa. But as with many of my handmade pieces of clothing, I don’t care; I’m not wearing it to display my body, but to display my skills.

(Thanks to Sharon for taking these photos!)


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