Yarnalong: Cria, Brave, Bearbrass

yarnalong-20150818I have many words this week, because everything’s so interesting!

Knitting: Cria in Bendigo Woollen Mills 5ply Classic

Switched knitting projects to Cria, in the mistaken thought that I could finish it before I went to America the weekend after next. That’s not going to happen, but it might become a plane project.

Although Cria looks like a plain and simple cardigan, the construction is really interesting. The shoulder panels are knit first, separately, and then the neck and shoulder stitches are cast on and picked up. The rest of the cardigan is knit down from there, with short row shaping across the upper back that looks fantastic (see photo above).

Listening: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

I finished this up at the weekend and would heartily recommend it. Like any prophecy (and it can be considered prophecy, as it was Huxley’s vision of the future) it can be made to fit any results – but a lot of it does ring true. Certain themes like people being conditioned to consume and to travel (but only to further consumption) and a general horror towards ageing can all certainly be seen today.

Reading: Bearbrass: Imagining Early Melbourne by Robyn Annear

Halfway through this interesting book. All history needs a little imagination to come alive; I think Annear may have used a little bit too much, but that just makes it all the more enjoyable!

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

9 thoughts on “Yarnalong: Cria, Brave, Bearbrass

  1. Grace says:

    The construction does look interesting from the looks of the photograph! Pretty color. I’ve heard many people say they liked Brave New World but I have never felt compelled to actually read it until I read your description of it here. Sounds very interesting!

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