Yarnalong: Neighbour, Time, Everything


Everything this week revolves around my upcoming trip to America. Three more sleeps! So excited!

Knitting: Dave Socks in Sheepish Sock and Bakau in Knitsch Yarns Sock

I finally picked my travel knitting projects: one plain for mindless knitting and one a little more complicated.

Dave socks by Rachel Coopey are my mindless knitting. To add a little bit of interest to going round and round, I’m using the incredibly iridescent Sheepish Sock in Bermuda from Ginger Twist Studios. This stuff is so bright, it nearly glows in the dark.

The more complicated project is Bakau. I’m knitting this as a staggered KAL with my mum, sister, and a friend. By ‘staggered’, I mean we have set places where we stop and wait for the others to catch up, so nobody feels left behind. I was knitting it in 100% silk, but realised it’s going to need a serious amount of blocking, so I’ve changed to the luminous Mulligan Drive colourway from Knitsch Yarns.

Listening: In Our Time by Melvyn Bragg and BBC4

Just a couple of podcasts this week, one on Frida Kahlo and the other on The Curies. Both were excellent and I would recommend them.

Reading: The Good Neighbour by AJ Banner

I bought this as the story is set in Washington and I wanted to get a sneak preview of the state. Unfortunately, I don’t like the author’s style, it’s a little clumsy. I’m really not enjoying it, but will finish it to see if I guessed all of the plot lines correctly.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

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