The Friendliest Wool Shop in the World

IMG_20150830_135135I’m fairly sure that I’ve found the friendliest wool shop in the world. And it is, of course, in Canada. 

I’d been in Canada less than 24 hours when I visited my first wool shop – Beehive Yarn Shop in Victoria, BC – but I was already falling in love with the country. It’s gorgeous and everyone is so, so friendly.

The staff at Beehive are a great example – they greeted me warmly when I walked in and immediately struck up a conversation when they spotted my Ursula cardigan under my arm. One of the ladies – I should’ve asked her name – took me on a tour of the shop, pointing out all of the Canadian yarn and telling me its story.


There was locally dyed yarn from all over  Canada in a surprising array of colours. The Raincity Knits sock yarn was amazingly bright and I was very tempted by the neon yellow, but wimped out and got the Fried Egg.


The selection included a mass of Sweet Georgia yarn, including great ‘Party of Five ‘ packs: five mini-skeins. One of those also went the shopping basket, destined for some Otis socks. I stood in front of the sport weight for a very long time, but never committed.

The cutest thing in the shop had to be the Ancient Yarns. This company dyes yarn using animals as inspiration, with cats and dogs featuring prominently. A photo of the animal is printed on the yarn label and a portion of the profit donated to relevant animal charity!


Back at the counter, the staff swapped stories and yarn challenges. One of the ladies had messaged her friend a photo of my Ursula and there were follow up questions. It was such a nice, laid back place, I really can’t say enough good things about the Beehive Yarn Shop.


(Apologies for any mimistakes, formatting errors or low resolution photos – blogging from my phone)

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