Yarnalong: Dave, Punic, Lighthouses

IMG_20150903_095208The holiday (day late) edition! I’m currently in Seattle, WA with my dad, drinking beers and checking out a range of things in our geeky interests. There has, though still been time for a bit of the usual entertainments.

Knitting: Dave Socks in Ginger Twist Sheepish Sock

This blue is so mesmerising and appropriately named! It truly does look like Bermuda. The pattern is super simple, I’ve been knitting these as we travel the longer distances between places and still been able to look out the window.

Listening: Punic Nightmares by Dan Carlin

I lack the ability to sleep on planes. Luckily Dan kept me company.

Reading: To the Lighthouse by Peter Johnson and John Walls

I broke my ‘No Buying Books’ rule on the very first day. But it’s really hard to find a readable book on lighthouses (which this is), so I’m not feeling too guilty.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

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