Yarnalong: Little Oak & Hell’s Gorge

IMG_0414 (1280x888)Mum’s turtle had to feature in this photo to prevent it from being the most boring yarnalong photo of all time.

Knitting: Little Oak by Alana Dakos in Patons Dreamtime Merino

With a couple of friends’ babies due in March and a lovely request for a repeat from another friend, my summer holiday is all about the baby cardigans.  They’re perfect for travelling – with two on the go, you can work the body of stocking stitch when you want something mindless and the yoke of another for times when you feel like a challenge.

I’m knitting TNT (Tried ‘n’ True) patterns for my baby cardigans: Little Oak, which was so popular with a friend’s mother, she requested that baby always wear it when he went out to meet her friends, and Baby Girl Fair Isle, which a friend has asked me to knit in the next size up, so baby can keep wearing it. With compliments like these, I’m going to keep making these until I’m well and truly bored.

Reading: Hell’s Gorge by Matthew Parker

Recommended by a friend, Hell’s Gorge tells the (often terrible) tale of how the Panama Canal was built – or rather, carved out of the Panama Isthmus with a massive toll of human lives.

I’m only a couple of chapters in. It’s still setting up the background, going over a lot of events in little detail, but I’m sure it’ll settle down into more detail soon.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.


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