I Love Simple Socks


Sock and book cover matching in Seattle.

When I first purchased Coop Knits Socks Vol 2,  I assumed I would never knit the Dave socks. They’re the first pattern in the book, the nice, simple socks for a beginner that needs to learn the construction and technique of a sock. I’m no beginner, so I skipped straight to the other patterns.

But then a couple of thing converged that made the Dave socks exactly the right pattern for a particular moment. First, I was off on an overseas trip that would require two three-hour and two-twelve hour flights – and as it turned out, two ferry trips, a train ride and another flight, as well as all the unavoidable waiting around for these things to occur. I needed a simple project that I could knit while still looking out the window and could pick up and immediately know what I needed to do.


Hard to choose between knitting these socks and reading this very addictive book at Portland Airport.

I also had a skein of the most amazing blue sock yarn from Ginger Twist Knits. The colourway was ‘Bermuda’ and I can’t think of a more appropriate name. It’s a brilliant, eye-smattering blue, with a slight variation just like the dappled surface of the sea. It’s so beautiful, I didn’t feel like I could use it for lace – it just didn’t seem right somehow.

Taking good photos of socks on your own feet without a remote is tricky.

Taking good photos of socks on your own feet without a remote is tricky.

The Dave socks were a perfect canvas for the Bermuda yarn – nothing to distract from the colour. At times, I even found myself just watching the colour develop. And over the course of those two weeks (I managed to finish all but the Kitchenered toes before I returned), I developed a deep appreciation for simple socks. They are just so soothing. They grow quickly, there’s no mistakes to worry about, you can easily knit them two at a time – they’re awesome!

So beloved was I, that I even found myself looking out for more amazingly coloured sock yarn to do another pair. When I found myself in Wellington having run out of yarn halfway through a two week trip around New Zealand, I just had to treat myself to some Coop Knits SOCK YEAH yarn and immediately cast them on!


The collection of SOCKS YEAH! at Holland Road (and a little peak at the Zealana 3 ply Kiwi, which you must try).


Working on the ribbing at Wellington airport. Why is all airport carpet universally ugly?

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