Yarnalong: Baby Fair Isle and Wool

IMG_20160224_145056Oh, yeah baby. Posting a yarn along on a Wednesday. Mainly because I have little to do today except freelance work and wait for my sister to arrive in town.  

Knitting: Baby Girl Fair Isle by Purl Soho in Paton’s Dreamtime

I have the sinking feeling this isn’t going to fit the intended recipient. Or if it does now, it won’t for long. But I’m far enough along that I’m just going to finish it, hope it fits someone, and start again. Ah, knitting. Isn’t it a relaxing, productive past time?

Reading: Wool by Hugh Howey

I finished Plants: From Roots to Riches and would thoroughly recommend it; the last few chapters really illustrate why plants are important and what we should be doing to protect them.

I’ve decided to give the Wellington City Library’s ebook lending system a crack. Like real books, they have a limit on how many copies they can loan, so you need to wait for many books. Fortunately, I found Wool which a lot of people I know have read and enjoyed, so I’ll read that while I wait for other books to free up.

See what everyone else is knitting/reading/listening to over on the original Yarnalong.

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