Yarn Review: Paton’s Dreamtime Merino 4ply

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As part of my aim to support yarn producers and dyers while cold sheeping, I’m going to review the yarns I knit with this year. You can see the the reviews here

This post will probably be more of a rave than a review, because I absolutely adore this yarn. Paton’s Dreamtime Merino 4ply is my go-to baby yarn; it’s soft, durable, and – mostly importantly – machine washable.


My first Baby Fair Isle. I love this charcoal; I think I’ll use it for something for myself one day. Project Ravelled here.

I’ve used this yarn for four projects and it’s been a success each time (I did use it on another project that wasn’t a success, but that wasn’t the yarn’s fault; it was mine). It has enough stitch definition to knit lace and enough bloom to make lovely colourwork – what more could you ask for in a yarn?

A Louise singlet in Donkey – you can make the 0-3 month size from a single ball! Project Ravelled here.

Well, more colours would be nice. The colour range is mostly ‘baby pastels’ (you can see it here). I’ve used ‘Donkey’ and ‘Charcoal’, both of which had a lovely almost tweedy look to them, and the Deco Green is kind of nice, but it would be nice to have something a bit more, well, colourful.

Another Baby Fair Isle. The green here is not quite accurate – it’s much more minty that in this photo – see the photo at the top of the post. The brown in the yoke is also Dreamtime. Project Ravelled here.

A last ‘pro’ of the Dreamtime is durability. The recipient of my Baby Fair Isle Cardigan reported back that her daughter wore it a lot and it still looked great. She was disappointed when her daughter grew out of it and asked me to make another. Which was definitely a vote of confidence in Dreamtime!

There are some truly wonderful projects on Ravelry in Dreamtime, including:

  • BagheeraNZ’s Cruden – a colourwork vest
  • MieliJo’s Statis – a sweater with colourwork on the yoke and cuffs
  • OmaRapeti’s Grey summer romper – a cute baby romper
  • Manimoneyma’s Bubbles – a frothy, circular shawl
  • Emerald Empress’ Springtime in Bloom – a petaled triangular shawl

Dreamtime is available at many wool shops around Australia and New Zealand.

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