Yarnalong: Belmont and Looking Flash

IMG_7618 (1280x853)

It’s only the second week of my uni course and I’m already commenting that I have no social life and reviewing a set text.

Knitting: Belmont Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston in Wendy Dennis Polworth/Silk 4ply

I am absolutely churning through this cardigan, partly because my brain is mush at the end of the day and not good for much else and partly because I haven’t really got a social life in Wellington yet. A Vikings marathon on Saturday night helped, too.

I still love the yarn and the pattern is much more enjoyable now that the dreaded twisted rib is over. I’m worrying ever-so-slightly that 1) I won’t have enough yarn (I’ve used about a third) and 2) that it’s going to be too short (which is exasperating 1). We shall see.

Reading: Looking Flash: Clothing in Aotearoa New Zealand by Bronwyn Labrum, Fiona McKergow and Stephanie Gibson (editors)

The first assessment for my ‘Māori and Museums’ paper is an article review. We were provided with a list of books and articles to choose from and I decided to go with the only one with weaving in the title, a chapter called ‘Weaving a Journey: The Story of a Unique Cloak’. After reading the introduction to the book though, I want to read the entire thing – I ever bought a secondhand copy!

The first chapter looks at traditional Māori dress before the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (1840), focusing mainly on chiefly cloaks. I was surprised by the thought and effort that went into these garments: one dog skin cloak (huru kurī) from 1800-1810 had mock French seams and others covered the seams of cloaks with strips of skin.

I can’t wait to read the chapter I’m reviewing – which isn’t something people say about assigned readings very often!

See what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the original Yarnalong.

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