Yarnalong: Belmont & Readings


Look at those readings glow! That’s a little scary. 

I was laid low over the weekend with a cold, so haven’t progressed much on anything. 

Knitting: Belmont Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston in Wendy Dennis Polworth/Silk 4ply

On Monday night I reached the armpits as prescribed in the pattern and worked out how much yarn I would have to spare with the scales and calculator. I should have a little to spare, so I started to work out how much longer I wanted the bodice to be. And that’s when I realised – the pattern, for all eight sizes from 78cm to 118cm are all written for the same length.


I wanted to yell at the pattern, but really, I should’ve realised and I should’ve been prepared for this particular pattern alteration because I have to do it every time I knit or sew something. It should be the first thing I do after working out my bust size – add at last 5cm to the length.

After consultation with the lovely Juliet from The Crazy Gypsy Chronicles (who just happens to be in my MHST class), it was decided that I need an extra repeat of zig sag pattern to avoid it looking like a crop top. So, that’s what I’m doing.

Reading: Readings

Oh god, the class readings. So many readings. All the readings, all the time.

See what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the original Yarnalong.

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