Yarnalong: Belmont & Common Ground

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I have decided that since my Yarnalong entries were heading that way anyway, I’m going to do the most boring posts I can. Post the same project for weeks on end and talk about academic books. 

Knitting: Belmont Cardigan by Gudrun Johnston in Wendy Dennis Polworth/Silk 4ply

I am so damn close to being finished. I spent the weekend at a wānanga (kind of translates to conference) at a marae (translates to a lot of things, but it’s kind of a gathering of communal buildings), where I didn’t get a lot of knitting done – but I did learn an awful lot.

Also, Hongoeka Marae is beautiful (have a look here) and the people are lovely, generous, and make amazing kai (food).

Reading: Common Ground? Heritage and Public Places in New Zealand edited by Alexander Trapeznik

This is what I spent most of today reading. I am really enjoying it; it’s making me ask a lot of questions about which buildings, monuments and landscapes we preserve and why. Even the chapter on terminology was interesting – and it included the amazing phrase ‘the prosaic detritus of everyday life’.

See what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the original Yarnalong.

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