Yarnalong: Little Wave & Heartlands

IMG_7851 (1024x683)

Knitting: Little Wave by Gudrun Johnston in Bennett & Gregor Wirraworra

Not sure why I can’t seem to stick with the Quicksilver shawl…anyways, I’ve started (and made some fairly good progress on) a Little Wave cardigan, which has been in my to knit list for ages. I’m knitting the sleeves first, because sleeves are generally boring – although these are made more interesting by the addition of garter stitch elbow patches, which are just cool.

Reading: Heartlands: New Zealand Historians Write About Where History Happened edited by Kynan Gentry and Gavin McLean  

The magic of Yarnalong is working! I’m seven chapters into this baby and generally enjoying it. It’s several New Zealand historians writing about places important to them and their history. Not going to lie – I skipped half the chapter on Gallipoli, because I’m currently writing an essay on Anzac commemoration and I am all Anzaced out! Strangely, one of the editors is coming to talk to my class next week.

See what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the original Yarnalong.

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