Nut Hap & New Zealand Houses


IMG_8028 (1280x853)

This is my entire night. Fixing the niggly feelings. 

Knitting: Nut Hap by Gudrun Johnston in Ashford Tekapo 8ply 

You know when you have a niggly-naggly feeling about an aspect of your knitting – that something just isn’t quite right – but you ignore it and keep going? I did that. I knew the brown in the swatch didn’t look quite right, but tried it anyway.

I have paid for my sins. Or at least I will have once I rip back those 1,500 stitches and redo it in the much more appropriate brown.

Reading: Old New Zealand Houses 1800-1940 by Jeremy Salmond

Again, should’ve paid attention to the niggly feelings. I suspected this book would be useful for a future essay and put off reading it. Now the essay is due in a week and half and I have decided I need for read it.

See what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the original Yarnalong.

2 thoughts on “Nut Hap & New Zealand Houses

  1. Laura G. says:

    Love that pattern – checked out the book on Ravelry, and may just start this in the fall. Your colors are lovely too… sorry about the brown, but isn’t it nifty that knitting allows do-overs?

    • Kate Jordan says:

      I love that knitting allows do-overs! It’s why I find sewing so terrifying – once that fabric is cut, it’s all over rover!

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