Colourwork mitts are quick and fun, right? Well, I suppose that depends on your definition of ‘quick’ and ‘fun’.

I’m not going to go into the story of the many mistakes, backtracks and redos that went into these mitts, but I will say I’m glad they’re finished. They look great, thanks primarily to the gorgeous Little Dipper Yarns colourway and my sister having a great eye for colour, even when choosing from my stash via Facebook messenger photos!

I made several modifications:

  • I knit much tighter than the Kate Davies suggested gauge, so I went up a needle size and added in an extra snowflake repeat.
  • I also added extra stitches to the thumb, for the same reason.
  • To create the flaps, I picked up and knit stitches along the back of the mitt in pattern. With a separate strand of white, I cast on the new stitches, then worked across these in beaded rib with two colours.
  • I finished the rib at the end of the next snowflake repeat, so I could work a round of the main colour and increase the stitches. 
  • Then I finished the tops same as the pattern.
IMG_8208 (1280x853)

Apologies the top mitt is out of focus – I need to get a new camera remote and stop using the timer! 

IMG_8220 (1280x853)IMG_8223 (1280x853)IMG_8226 (1280x853)IMG_8227 (1280x853)

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