FO: A Hap for Harriet

The first FO of 2017! A light 2 ply shawl, knit as a KAL with Sharon

The Yarn

The yarn is Fyberspates Gleem Lace (a merino-silk blend) in Sea Green. Mum bought it for me in London last year. Mum often buys me green things and she’s admitted she doesn’t know why, as I don’t wear a lot of green. I’ll be honest: this green was a bit much for me at first, but after working with it for a few weeks and wearing it for a few days, I’m very much in love with it. It’s just so vibrant.


The Pattern

I love Kate Davies’ patterns apart from one aspect – I never, ever get the same gauge as she does. It was therefore really lovely to knit one of her shawls – A Hap for Harriet – and not have to worry about it!

There were very few worries with this pattern at all. The garter stitch section was glorious (I love garter stitch) and the lace was simple to following once it was set up.



I’ve been meaning to try blocking wires for a while; it took the prospect of pinning out more than sixty points to get me to buy some.

The verdict? Blocking wires are pretty good. I bought the KnitPro ones, like these. At the moment it takes about the same amount of time to set up as pinning, but I’ll probably get faster. The biggest benefit is the even finish on the edges.


Project has been Ravelled here.

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