Yarnalong: Swatches and Podcasts


After a very hectic couple of weeks, I’m getting back in the swing of Yarnalonging. 

Knitting: Swatches

Having finished my Hap for Harriet and almost finished my Waits cardigan (just a million ends to sew in. Oh the ends!), I am swatching for various upcoming projects.

Reading Listening: 

Having spent many hours hand-finishing a bridesmaid dress, I haven’t done much reading in the past week. I have, however, listened to a lot of podcasts. Highlights include:

Hannah Arendt – In Our Time

This is a really timely episode. Hannah Arendt was a political philosopher, with a focus on totalitarianism. ‘In Our Time’ has a fairly strict ‘no contemporary talk’ rule – but the parallels between Arendt’s work and what’s happening in the USA hung over the episode. At one point, one of the academics paraphrased Arendt, saying that a man ‘spoke in cliches, he couldn’t follow a train of thought, he couldn’t understand other people’s point of view, he was sort of vulgar’. But he wasn’t describing Trump; instead it was Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi found guilty of war crimes in Israel in 1962. Definitely worth a listen.

When the Beast Come Marching In – This American Life

The first act is heartbreaking, the second bizarre and the last one is so funny, I think I broke something laughing.

Great Ideas series – RNZ

RNZ has partnered with Victoria University for this series. Each week the uni sends three academics down the hill to talk to Megan Whelan, who’s an excellent facilitator and broadcaster. Great discussions about great ideas.

See what everyone else is knitting and reading over on the original Yarnalong.

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