Yarnalong: January

It’s back! The Yarnalong is back and in a much more (in my opinion) achievable format. Ginny from Small Things has announced that the Yarnalong will be running once a month on the first Wednesday. So without any further ado…


I don’t really have much knitting to show for the past month, because I’ve been designing things and I’m not ready to show them yet (watch this space!)

But I have done a bit of work on my Bash hat, as a bit of a refresher in between designs. After having to make loads of decisions while knitting, it’s nice to do as I’m told! The blue yarn is Dark Harbour Port, a yarn I have wanted for ages and finally got some when Dark Harbour went on the indie shelf at Holland Road. It is absolutely beautiful – amazing stitch definition and just the right amount of variegation. The cream is some leftover Patons Dreamtime, which is slightly too thick to work with the Port, but the colours went so nicely, I’m willing to risk it.


These are the books I’ve finished in the past month:

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

I’ll be honest: I didn’t enjoy this book and I’m not sure why. It’s a good story, good concept – I guess I just didn’t really enjoy how it was told. Maybe it was a bit sentimental, maybe it was a bit intrusive on a family’s grief. I don’t know.

The Hare with the Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund De Waal

I did enjoy this one. It’s a family history told through a collection of netsuke (small carved objects from Japan) as they are passed on from one family member to the next. As the netsuke move about, so does the story, from Paris to Vienna to Britain and finally back to Japan. The author can be a bit obsessed with art history – I skimmed over some bits – but generally has some great insights into the meaning of objects.

Mythos by Stephen Fry (audiobook)

It’s Stephen Fry reading his own book on Greek mythology. Oh, and he gets sidetracked in the best ways, like when he explains that the cyclops Bronte’s name means ‘thunder’, the use of which can also be seen in ‘Brontosaurus’ meaning ‘thunder-lizard’, but not, as far as he is aware, in the family name of ‘Brontë sisters. It is, of course, rather good.

My only complaint is the length – took me quite a while to get through.

And that’s my Yarnalong for January – check out what everyone else has been knitting and reading over on Ginny’s link up.


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