#peakbragging Day 6 Makara Peak

I’ll be completely honest: I did not enjoy the Makara Peak walk. It was hot and muggy. I wore the wrong shoes (sneakers instead of my boots). The track is a shared mountain biking and walking track. I’ve nothing against mountain bikers. It just means you have to always be listening for the slither of tires behind you and be ready to hop off the path to let them pass.

The views were, of course, spectacular, but after walking uphill in the muggy weather, I was in a mood. I hate muggy weather with a passion. When it is cloudy, it should be cold. When it is rainy, it should be cold. Warm cloudy rainy weather is just unnatural.

I appreciate we must have bad days to recognise the good ones. This wasn’t one of the good ones.

Here are the photos, which you can enjoy without climbing a hill in muggy conditions:


The paths are incredibly well-marked.


Looking over Karori to the Wellington Harbour


The Ridgeline bike track


Farms along South Makara Road


At Makara Peak


The front rolling in over Wainuiomata

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