Te Kopahou: Another Enjoyable Failure

Last Sunday I again tried to reach the top of Te Kopahou Hill – and I again failed. It was an enjoyable failure – a nice day’s walk, I got a little bit further than last time, and think I now know the best route. At the time, of course, I didn’t think that and wanted to scream at the hill path I was attempting.

But hey I still got some nice photos. 


An example of the awesome geological forces that made New Zealand – the damage that quarrying has done. 


South Coast.


Dolphins! No seriously, those white splashes are dolphins.

Close up

See? No, you can’t really, can you. I only had my 40mm lens on me and it did the best it could from the top of the cliff.


More dolphins! That circle of white splashes is dolphins rounding up food.


Across Karori Rock to the Cook Strait and South Island.


The bunkers on Te Rimurapa/Sinclair Head.


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