FO: Threipmuir

I love a finished object – even more so when it has as many stories connected to it as my Threipmuir!

I fell in love with this pattern the instant I saw it and decided I would purchase the yarn at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (EYF). But the marketplace at EYF is really busy and bustling, not the ideal place to try and work out colour combinations.

Fortunately, there was the Meet the Shepherd(ess) event  on Sunday. This was a smaller market place, designed to be a bit more laid back and providing more chance to chat to the producers. I’m not sure if they quite succeeded with that aim – it was still pretty busy – but it was much more manageable than the full market place.

I bought four balls of the Birlinn Yarn Company 4 ply in Storm Grey, originally intending to make another Belmont Cardigan. But sitting in the marque with Kat and Jenni, I started to think about how much I loved the other colours in the range. Then it hit me – the grey would make a lovely base for Threipmuir and then I could use two more colours!

Jenni agreed it was a great idea and accompanied me back to the stand. I immediately picked out the ‘Dìthean-òir Corn marigold’ (a green) and Peaty Brown – and then went through all of the other colours on the stand just to make sure. Jenni liked the colour combo so much, she bought some too, and then Kat caught up with us, loved the idea and bought some too (in different colours) and then we all slowly backed away from the yarn, because we were pretty much spent.


Jenni, Kat and I with our yarn purchases at Meet the Shepherd(ess)

It then became my holiday knitting project (with some socks on the side). I knit this everywhere:

  • I swatched and cast on at Kat’s house in Lancaster.
  • I worked on the yoke at Manchester airport (where my flight was delayed by two hours, so I had to run across Amsterdam airport to make my connection), on the plane to Riga and at nights in cosy Air BnBs in Estonia.
  • The stocking stitch body was mostly done on the ferry from Tallin to Helsinki and then at airports and long-haul flights back to New Zealand.
  • And then worked on in various cafes while I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen for a month.

I knit this thing everywhere. And the finished product?

I love it.


Look at that green! And the contrast with the brown so dark it’s black!

The pattern

The Threipmuir pattern was very easy to follow and had an innovative method for ‘catching’ the long floats. I accidentally did the wrong chart – did the smallest one instead of the medium – but it seemed to work out. Other than that, I followed the pattern exactly. The cuffs sit just above my wrists – I thought this might be too short, then I remembered I roll everything up to there anyway.

The yarn

The yarn is gorgeous. Beautifully rustic and heathered. The green has a rather alarming tendency to disappear next to the grey in artificial light – but it looks so good in natural light I’ll forgive it for that. I’m a little worried the yarn is a little itchy, but I’m reserving judgement on that until I’ve worn it for a few days – and I can always just wear a long sleeved tee underneath.


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