Yarnalong: The Botanical Edition

I have a wee bit of a bit of a botanical theme going on this month. 

First up is the Bracken Beanie by Jenni Barrett, knit up in Northern Yarn Yealand Manor DK. Okay, technically it’s not what I’m currently knitting, but it was when I started writing this post last night. Also, I haven’t blocked it yet, so it’s not finished finished. I’ll have full details up in a FO post.


My reading at the moment is inspired by a day helping out at Botanic Garden Day at the Wellington Botanic Gardens. A day spent sitting on the ‘Ask a Gardener’ stand (where I had no right to be – I took notes for the guy who knew what he was talking about) has reawakened my love of plants.

I remembered I’ve always meant to read J Cockayne’s New Zealand Plants and Their Story. Published in 1910, some of the content is obviously out of date, but it’s still a great read and interesting from a historical, as well as botanical, point of view.

It has sparked some pretty odd emotional responses, in turns happy and sad. Happy, because some of the mysteries that perplexed Cockayne (like how plants from South America came to live in New Zealand) have been solved (the two places used to be part of the same continent). But then sad, when he bemoans how much of New Zealand’s flora has been lost and, with the hindsight of a hundred years, I know there was much more still to come.

See what everyone else is reading and knitting over on the original Yarnalong.

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