FOs: Bracken Beanies

I’ve always considered myself rather lucky to share hobbies with both of my parents. It’s nice to have something to talk to your parents about that’s not, well, just you and them.

In the case of my Mum, it’s knitting (and sewing and gardening, but that’s for another time). It’s only in the past couple of years, though, that we’ve started to do knitalongs (KAL). Our most recent KAL: Bracken Beanie!

I was gifted the Bracken Beanie pattern by Kat as a ‘Welcome to Edinburgh’ present. She had test knit the pattern, written by her friend Jenni Barrett, and loved it so much she was to share it. I then gifted the pattern to Mum for Mothers Day, knowing she loves cables. (Seriously, how good is the ‘gift’ function on Rav?)


The Pattern

Now, I might be biased about the pattern, as I know (and like) the designer, but it is objectively awesome. The cable over moss stitch is inspired and the decreasing cable on the crown is stunning:


I added in an extra repeat of the cable, because I have a fairly large noggin.


The pattern is charted and easy-to-follow.

The Yarn

My yarn was also a present from Kat. When Sharon, Grace and I arrived at our accommodation, Kat had popped a skein of Northern Yarn Yealand Manor DK on each of our beds! Later that day, the others went out, but I was too jet-lagged to venture far. Not wanting to fall asleep at six pm (and be awake at four am!) I forced myself to sit up and hand-wind this yarn. While singing show tunes. Jetlag ain’t pretty.

It is lovely yarn, very sheepy and springy. It smells delicious and (as you can see in the photos) gives excellent stitch definition.


Mum started her Bracken in yarn similar to mine (cream and a bit stiff), but then switched to Cynthia Hélène Kid Mohair, a discontinued yarn she somehow got from her husband’s ex-wife’s aunt. It gives the hat a very different (but equally gorgeous) look: relaxed cables with a light halo.


To be honest, I like Mum’s a lot more than I like mine. The extra cable I added means it’s a bit crowded at the top – I think it would have been better to increase the needle size, rather than the cables, as my hat is also rather dense. As we wandered around Wellington, her folded back brim was definitely keeping out more of the wind that my single layer brim!

I think I’ll have to make another one!

2 thoughts on “FOs: Bracken Beanies

  1. Katherine @ fiberandsustenance says:

    They both look so beautiful!! My row gauge was off so I actually had one cable less! For what it’s worth, I love the way yours looks too in the crisp wool — sorry the fabric ended up on the denser side though!

    Also it’s sooo fun to see you and your Mom wearing the hat and your jumper looks stunning!

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