Yarnalong: July

IMG_3791I am currently casting off one of the patterns from the book I’m writing and it’s all very exciting/absolutely terrifying. Most of the patterns (there are eight) are well underway or finished. I spoke with a printer today and talked paper weights and whatnot. A photographer friend and I have starting talking about the photo shoot. It’s all feeling very real, like it’s actually going to happen – for once thinking about a launch soiree doesn’t seem like a strange fantasy! But there’s still plenty of hard graft to go before that, so this is all I can show you for now – oh, and tell you that the yarn pictured is Zealana Rimu and it is as soft as kittens’ ears.

I have two books on the go. For my ‘easy reading’, I have Another Man’s Moccasins by Craig Johnson. And it is fairly easy reading, although the character keeps flashing back to Vietnam and that’s a little disconcerting. But, all in all, good entertainment.

Slightly more serious, but no less interesting, is Sails to Satellites: A History of Meteorology in New Zealand. Honest, it’s heaps more interesting than it sounds. I started reading it for a talk I’m going to do in October, but it’s not a chore. There’s even a story about how they tried to make it rain down in Oamaru using canon fire. No seriously, they did.

That’s it from me this month. Check out what everyone else is reading and knitting over on the Yarnalong.

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