The August Sockathon

Recently I’ve had to discard a couple of pairs of hand-knitted socks. A possum-merino blend pair has managed to both felt and develop holes (go figure) and the very first pair I made have worn thin all over (it was cheap Spotlight yarn, it’s done pretty well).

The loss of two pairs, combined with finally purchasing jeans, has revealed a significant shortage of socks. So I’ve challenged myself to an August Sockathon! How many pairs of socks can I knit in a month? It’s probably only a couple, but I’ve lined up five possibilities from my current stash (which is remarkably light on sock yarn).

IMG_4598 (1280x853)

Sock One: Hermione’s Every Day Socks in Mystery Yarn

Okay, I’m cheating a little. I’ve already knit the first sock in this pair. But hey, it’s my challenge, I’ll do it however I like.

Crystal-yarn-sock (1280x853)

Sock Two: Dave in Crystal Yarns

I’ve knit the Dave socks at least five times before, but I’m more than willing to do it again! Especially as my gradient set from Crystal Yarns just arrived.

raincityknits-sock-yarn (1280x853)

Sock Three: Festoon in Rain City Knits

Truthfully, I love knitting plain vanilla socks, but I suspect if I do that for an entire month I’ll lose my mind. These are my challenge socks.

sophies-toes-yarn-sock (1280x853)

Sock Four: Emily’s Favorite Socks in Sophie’s Toes

Hot damn these socks look comfy! I may not make them for me, they might be a Christmas present for my Dad. Shhhhhhh.

tukuwool-sock-yarn (1280x853)

Sock Five: Um? in Tukuwool

I don’t think I’ll get to this pair, but hey, doesn’t hurt to plan. Especially because I don’t know what to make with this gorgeous yarn. Possibilities include Waiting for Henry (with the colours reversed on each foot), Herringbone from Keil, In the Highlands, or something completely different! Any suggestions?

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